George Lagos is a Church Planter, a Licensed Local Pastor and has served on a variety of committees within GNJ, including Conference Director of Lay Servants and Bridgeton Summer Food Program. He feels blessed to serve the Plainville UMC for the past five years and now the Newfield UMC also!! He enjoys his pastoral visits and his devotion to prayer, coupled with his passion for studying the bible, enable him to participate in God’s call on all of us to encourage and guide people into a deeper relationship with God. George also loves working with local Methodist churches through Bible Studies, Prayer Group Meetings and supporting their Food Pantry and Camden homeless outreach project.  George is married to his beautiful wife, Andrea, of 34 years and they have four children: Charlie, Timmy, Cristian and Danny. They enjoy going on road trips, but their favorite pastime is going to Ocean City.  Pastor George was appointed to Newfield United Methodist in July of 2021,